Videogame Interaction from Atari to Toys to Life

perth museum & art gallery, july-september 2016

PLAYER: Videogame Interaction from Atari to Toys to Life was a games exhibition staged at Perth Museum & Art Gallery in Scotland from July to September 2016. The aim of the exhibition was to explore the history of player interaction with digital games, and to examine this history within the wider context of culture, entertainment, and technology.

With the support of the Association of Art Historians (AAH), Abertay University carried out funded research in order to inform the development of exhibition materials and to frame critical interpretation of videogame history. Robin Sloan and Emilie Reed provided consultancy throughout and assisted with artefact selection, acquisitions, and interpretation. 

The PLAYER exhibition attracted over 16,000 visitors, a 58% rise from the previous summer exhibition, and ​was successful in drawing a more diverse audience to Perth Museum & Art Gallery.