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The Enemy Within


The Enemy Within is an educational strategy game designed to inform teenagers about the genesis, evolution and progression of cancer. The player tries to control the spread of mutant cells and, in doing so, experiences exactly why the mutational burden from various risk factors is so bad.

This project is a collaboration between Dr Adrian Saurin of University of Dundee, and Dr Robin Sloan of Abertay University. The project has received support from Scottish Crucible, the Nine Trades of Dundee, and the Wellcome Trust.


Players are invited to take part in evaluation to The Enemy Within.

Please click the link below to open up an online questionnaire in a new browser window, and follow the instructions. Be sure to keep both the questionnaire browser window and this site browser window open throughout to complete the evaluation. 


You can play the full game in-browser below. It is recommended that you use the keyboard controls for navigation while playing in-browser:

W: Pan up

S: Pan down

A: Pan left

D: Pan right

Q: Zoom in

E: Zoom out

Chrome and Firefox are supported browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer and encounter problems with WebGL: Press F12, select the "emulation" tab, change "user agent string" to "google chrome".



Dr Adrian Saurin (University of Dundee)

Dr Robin Sloan (Abertay University)

Charalampos Koundourakis (Programming, Design)

David Robertson (Programming)

Davide Passaniti (Programming, Design)

Elliot McArthur (Art)

Kieran Taylor (Production)

Melissa Lonie (Design)

Robert Baron (Audio)

Roberto Fontana (Art)

Ryan Berardi (Art)

Thomas Hope (Programming, Design)

Tom Dixon (Programming, Design)


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