Virtua Walker '87
Global Game Jam 2017 response to the theme of 'Waves'
Gaming & Digital Technology
Public lecture, game and VR demos, and Raspberry Pi workshops at Dundee Science Centre, 12th Nov 2016
Player: Videogame Interaction
Gaming exhibition hosted by Perth Museum and Art Gallery (June-Sept 2016)
Perth Tech Day
A public engagement project covering game demos and a Raspberry Pi workshop
Playing Popular Science
Exhibition of science education games at DiGRA/FDG and Dare Indie Fest 2016
A history videogame about Scotland's involvement in the international sugar trade
Videogame about the impact of microplastics on the aquatic environment
Videogame about quantum physics developed by Abertay University in collaboration with Heriot-Watt University
Tides - A Shark Tale
Videogame developed by Abertay University in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen
Cell Cycle
Videogame about the impact of lifestyle choices on cancer progression
Ritual Incorporated
Game project developed for Global Game Jam 2016 - [Ritual]
The Videogame
Game project for Global Game Jam 2015 - [What do we do now?]
Neo-retro 2v2 co-op game developed at Jump Jam 2014
Emotional Avatars
PhD research into the animation of facial expressions for interactive characters
Dune Rangers
Round-based strategy game utilising sand dunes as flood defences (HEA funded)
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