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The Game

January 29th 2021...  it is the first day of the Global Game Jam, and in daddy's mind, the 1,465th day of home schooling in lockdown...

Home Schube is a game about life in the UK's coronavirus lockdown as experienced by a dad, an eight-year old, and a four-year old. Work for dad continues from home, schools and nurseries are closed, and there is simply... too much.

Playing as daddy, you must fight to survive the barrage of competing work demands, homeschooling, and the need to continuously supply snacks, all while a manic 4-year-old provides relentless screen- in-screen commentary*.

*feature incomplete!

Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 15.10.18
Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 15.10.28
Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 15.10.48
Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 15.11.06
Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 15.11.35


Home Schube was created by the protagonists of the game during the Saturday of GGJ 2021. With everyone stuck at home and sick of the monotony of the third UK lockdown, the jam was an opportunity for the kids to stop playing games and start making them!

All art and audio was produced by the eight- and four-year-old, while daddy helped convert their ideas into something (loosely) playable in GameMaker!

The Game

Home Schube is completely free to play in browser! It is a silly game about family life made by a family who like to share their silliness...


However, the topic we have explored here is a serious one. Millions of families are struggling as they adjust to the realities of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Children in particular are finding it tough. Their parent's may have lost their jobs or suffered a severe drop in come as a result of the economic and business impacts of lockdown. And most children will be attempting to keep up their schooling from home, often without access to adequate computer hardware or broadband Internet. Overall, the mental health and wellbeing of children needs to be at the forefront of our minds as we look to find a way forward.

So we encourage everyone who plays the game to consider making a donation to NSPCC and/or Save the Children


Thank you!

Isla, Arran, and Daddy

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